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The primary purpose of our unique Web Portal portal is to provide relocating employees and HR staff with secure, online facilities which make it simpler to relocate and easier to manage the project. Each Web Portal is made up of a series of optional modules, all tailored to each individual client’s requirements.

Our Web portal provides HR contacts with secure instant access to up-to-date programme management information, as well as the ability to track the status of individual relocation cases. Employees can use the Web Portal to track their own relocation and to access a wide range of destination-specific and cross-cultural information. HR may also use the site to communicate with Team. Authorisation forms and satisfaction surveys can all be accessed via the Web Portal, minimising paperwork for all concerned.

User groups may have entirely different content (indeed, we can create as many menu options as required, each with individual logins and content). They provide reassurance and a point of research for the employee and their families, and help to relieve HR staff of the burden of repetitive questions. 

Team Web Portals may include:

  •          Team Relocations and client HR contacts
  •          How the relocation process works, relocation policy and support available
  •          Immigration information and link to immigration provider, if not Team
  •          Tax information and link to tax provider
  •          Expense claims: a facility to allow employees to submit relocation expense claims via Team Relocations
  •          Local advice and information: housing, schools, medical, travel times, emergency contacts, general country/town information etc
  •          Forms for authorising services, identifying employee needs and providing employee satisfaction feedback
  •          Facilities for HR to track progress on each case, view cost and management reports, details of immigration status etc.
  •          General support: FAQ, glossary and links to other useful sources of information and suppor

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