The World's Biggest Coffee Morning

The World's Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan Cancer Support's biggest charity fundraising event. People across the UK - and sometimes further afield - hold a coffee morning, where donations on the day are made to Macmillan.

Team Relocations in Birmingham held their coffee morning today with a variety of sumptuous cakes!

Angela Jackson at Team explains why they decided to do this, "Cancer has at some stage affected all of us in some way or another.  Raising money for Macmillan is our way of raising awareness and praising the dedicated nurses who care for those blighted by cancer."

"Not enough credit is given to these nurses for everything they do to make the last months, weeks and hours happy and as pain free as possible. The Macmillan nurses are our silent heroes.", she adds.

Thank you to Kelly, Jackie and Janine for arranging this event.

Together we will beat cancer.

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AmCham Golf Cup Tournament

Even with the Danish summer coming to end, the sun shined upon the AmCham Cup Golf Tournament on August 21st at Simon’s Golf Club.

Team Relocations in Denmark participated in the AmCham Cup Golf Tournament, among 125 other participants and 29 teams. The players from Team were Claus Grundahl, Peter Mortensen, Anders Buus and Cees Zeevenhooven. Players came from all sectors of Denmark’s International business community, to compete for the coveted AmCham Cup and to network.

The day began at 7am with a hearty hot breakfast at Simon’s Lakeside Restaurant, with a briefing by AmCham’s Stephen Brugger.

The tournament began at 9am, and finished around 2pm with a refreshing drink on the terrace at Albatros Bar. Lunch was served at The Lakeside Restaurant, and the awards presentation followed directly afterwards.

Crowne Plaza, Copenhagen Towers came in first place. Team Relocations came in an attractive 2nd place.

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United Nations Global Compact

Team Relocations is pleased to present our very first United Nations Communication on Progress (COP). This report comments on our last year's activity in respect of the 10 UN principles, as required when we formally joined the United Nations Global Compact last year.

What is the UN Global Compact? “The Global Compact asks companies to embrace universal principles and to partner with the United Nations. It has grown to become a critical platform for the UN to engage effectively with enlightened global business.”

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The report is available to view on our website as well as being on the Global Compact website.

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Team UK : Investors in People

We are pleased to announce that Team Relocations in the UK has recently passed the Investors in People (IiP) assessment and will continue to maintain this National Standard for another 3 years.

IiP is the national quality standard for the training and development of people. IiP provides a framework for improving our performance through setting our business objectives and developing staff to meet them.

Team was originally recognised as an IiP in 1997 and has maintained recognition for over 16 years and will strive to continue to do so. IiP is a renowned award proving a company's care and investment in the employee's who work there.

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Fruit Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Caroline Scott of Turner & Townsend on winning our tropical fruit quiz at the Totally Expat Show. Caroline’s prize is being awarded here by Tony Miller of Team Relocations.

Enjoy your juicer!

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Do You Know Your Apples From Your Oranges?

Guest blogger, Colin Atkins, Team Relocations Account Director, tells us of Team's recent fruity quiz at the London Totally Expat Show.

Reviewing a Singapore Country Guide a while back, I came across a reference to the 'King of Fruit' Durian which I had come across (and was brave enough to taste) while living in SE Asia in the '90s.

I asked colleagues if they had heard of this fruit which can weigh up to 3kg, has thorny skin and such an overpowering odour (rotting flesh?) that its consumption is actually banned on public transport and in hotels in some parts of South East Asia. Apparently this fruit is particularly favoured by Orangutans, so perhaps the hotel ban is not so much related to the smell after all...

Anyway, my colleagues had not come across the Durian, but Trevor spoke about the Cacao Fruit that he came across at the Hershey's Plantation in St. Lucia (flash or what..?), which has inedible flesh and 20-40 cacao beans inside which are best consumed (singly!) by dissolving slowly in the mouth and are known locally as 'Jungle M&Ms'. 

Tony on the other hand had an interesting conversation with a supplier in Cameroon some time ago who was very excited that the African Mango had 'hit' the USA and was being touted as the latest weight loss silver bullet - it seems the seeds of this mango, native to Cameroon, have been in use as a dietary supplement for a few centuries or so.


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