New Beginnings and Settling-in Support

At Team Relocations, we understand that moving across the world is like beginning a new life, and that it can be both a daunting and exciting experience, with many factors crucial to its success. These include practical elements such as finding out about the local area, choosing a bank account, registering with doctors, and less tangible elements that are part of becoming accustomed to a new culture, customs, and cuisine.


A message from Team Relocations on International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day, celebrated throughout the world for the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Team Relocations would like to take this opportunity to honour the presence of the women in our workforce and in the wider business world.


Team in the UK Achieves IIP Bronze

Congratulations to Team in the UK, who have achieved their Investors in People Bronze accreditation.

Investors in People is a management framework for high performance through people, offering accreditation to organisations that adhere to their standards, which are built around business planning, performing, and reviewing. To achieve Bronze accreditation, a company must demonstrate completion of 36 more evidence requirements than for the basic level, covering areas such as management strategy, communication of core values and organisational structure.

Thank you to those who were interviewed, and well done to everyone in the UK for working to such high standards.


Partner Support: Not Just for Valentine’s Day

Hundreds of thousands of people relocate every year, some alone, and some with their families. When couples relocate across the globe, it's usually because one of them has an exciting new work opportunity, while their partner follows. Companies vary in how much support they provide for their relocating employee but what about the employee’s partner?


Plan – Saksham 2014 Review

Team Relocations exceeded its 2014 target of funding 189 young people in India for job oriented vocational training programmes.

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Tips for Selling your Property in the Winter

Team's Tips for Travels: Housing

Many people believe that winter is a bad time to have their property on the market; the weather gets cold, wet, dark, and generally unappealing. However, there’s no need for this to rub off on your property, and people often find that, due to winter’s slim pickings after summer’s bustling property market, their homes are easily selling at or above the asking price.

However, there’s still competition in terms of other available properties, so with our tips you can help your home to stand roof and eaves above the rest!

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