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Living the Dutch life - July

Carnivals, Festivals, Pride & Music!

Roots Festival

Experience an exciting musical journey through the most diverse cultures and styles during the Amsterdam Roots Festival 2-10 July. With a 35-year history, it is a leading festival of non-western music and includes fado, zouk dance, hip hop, Latin-jazz and rumba. It has grown in its diversity and evolved from what used to only be the Africa Roots Festival. Now performers come from all corners of the world, from the Caribbean and Cape Verde, to South Africa and Mongolia. The highlight of the festival takes place in the Oosterpark where you will be able to enjoy over 40 performances. At other indoor venues, such as Carré and the Melkweg, there will also be a series of lectures and performances. 

North Sea Jazz

Enjoy star-studded performances by the best international jazz, soul, blues, funk and pop artists at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam 12-14 July. It is the largest indoor music festival in the world and known globally for its multitude of music styles and exciting line-ups. Although the number of visitors has reached up to 70.000 in recent years, each stage has an intimate atmosphere as the performances are spread across different floors in Ahoy. The event is a must for every jazz lover who wants to see internationally renowned jazz legends perform or discover upcoming talent. 

The biggest Funfair of the Benelux

Visit the biggest funfair of the Benelux region in the city of Tilburg 19-28 July. This fair, offering some 250 attractions and rides, covers the entire city centre to create a fairground of 4.5 kilometres long. It is a unique event with lots of festivities and a spectacular firework display on the last night. Another highlight is Pink Monday, one of the biggest gay celebration and integration events in the country, attracting thousands of visitors and making it the busiest day of the fair. 

Rotterdam Unlimited

Celebrate Summer with a five-day cultural and tropical festival during Rotterdam Unlimited 23-27 July. As one of the biggest free street festivals in Europe, it offers a mix of live music, dance, theatre and carnival parades. A visit to the festival will be a trip to remember because of the vibrant atmosphere. A colourful and spectacular street parade and the battle of drums form the main events of the festival. Furthermore you will find music and food from different cultures representing the cosmopolitan diversity of the city.

Amsterdam Pride

Join Amsterdam’s celebrations for diversity and acceptance of all sexual orientations and genders during Amsterdam Pride 27 July-4 August. It is a well-known event in- and outside of the Netherlands and attracts more than 500.000 visitors each year. Presenting a cultural programme, a range of exhibitions and movie events throughout the city, the biggest highlight however is the Canal Parade, with decorated boats sailing along the canals carrying costumed dancers and important messages.


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How are shifting move types & volume affecting you?

Share your insights!

What is driving shifts in relocation moves types and volumes?
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Living the Dutch life - June

Festivals, architecture & more!

Day of the Castle

Discover the magical history of centuries-old castles, country estates and ruins during the Day of the Castle, on 10 May. This year’s theme is 'Across the Border', which will focus on the history of foreign influences on (royal) families, architecture and gardens. Expect guided tours, theatre performances and demonstrations to allow you to relive the past and learn about what it's like for people living and working in castles today. Across the Netherlands there will more than 120 locations to visit.


Day of Architecture

Discover innovation within buildings and public spaces during the Day of Architecture 14-16 June. The event aims to demonstrate how architecture and urban development can make rapidly growing cities a pleasant and vibrant environment. Many cities are offering a programme of lectures, debates, guided tours and excursions. Some iconic buildings, that are normally closed to visitors, will be opening their doors to the public to show off their innovative designs. Please note that each city will have their own theme and programme and therefore scheduled dates may vary.


Open Garden Days

A unique space rarely open to visitors... enter the gardens of some of Amsterdam’s most impressive canal-side homes during Open Garden Days 14-16 June. Seen as the perfect opportunity to get to know Amsterdam and its residents and see some of the most beautiful, yet hidden, city gardens. This year’s theme is Garden Design so expect classic and contemporary gardens by renowned landscape gardeners and designers. The ticket will allow you access to more than 30 gardens on all three days!


Flag Day

Taste the first New Dutch (herring) of the season on Flag Day in Scheveningen on 15 June. The event celebrates the first herring catch of the year with a festive programme that offers something for everyone. There will be music, boat trips, miniature ships, traditional clothing, Old Dutch children’s games and of course herring and all sorts of other fish! The first edition of the festival dates back to 1947, although its history goes back as far as the 18th century. The celebration originally occurred on the departure of the herring ships to sea, while now the festival simply celebrates the return of New Dutch herring.


Flower Festival

A cultural outing amid the most beautiful flowers, the Flower Festival 15-16 June in Aalsmeer, the heart of the flower-growing region, hosts the largest flower auction in the world. The festival takes place at a former flower auction venue as well at the horticultural museum. There will be demonstrations, workshops and special exhibitions taking place. You can see flowers and plants integrated into art installations, colourful flower masks and edible flowers!



As soon as the weather is getting warmer, you will find one festival after the next in the Netherlands. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite festivals taking place this June.

29 May – 2 June: Oranjewoud Festival

A unique classical music festival, with the greatest international musicians, taking place on the beautiful greens of Oranjewoud in Heerenveen. This festival allows you to enjoy classical music like never before - from a swimming pool, hammock or in a gigantic plastic bubble!

29 May – 23 June: Holland Festival

For over 60 years this festival has been popular for its broad scope of international performing arts. The festival offers a mixture of theatre, dance, music, opera, literature and more at different locations throughout Amsterdam, showcasing innovation in art and exploring new forms of theatre.

8 – 10 June: Pinkpop

This is Holland’s biggest open-air festival and is sold out almost every year. It is a multiday event taking place in Landgraaf, and has previously featured musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

14 – 23 June: Oerol

Since 1982 Oerol has grown to become a true phenomenon on the island of Terschelling. It is one of the most fun and exceptional theatre festivals in Europe, with ten days of (street) theatre, dance, art and music at many exceptional locations. 

21 June – 25 August: De Parade

This travelling festival is a theatre, circus, carnival and funfair all in one. From June to September it hits Holland’s four main cities – Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and then Amsterdam.

28 – 30 June: Parkpop

The biggest free pop festival in Holland is held in The Hague - the number one pop city for a reason! Tens of thousands of music lovers gather in Zuiderpark to enjoy many top musicians and upcoming talented bands.


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A Creative Housing Solution by SIRVA

During a Tricky Repatriation

An assignee's household goods needed to be packed up weeks before her repatriation & there were no alternate housing options for her final weeks in Shanghai. 

As Nancy was about to find out, working for a SIRVA client has distinct advantages when it comes to relocation challenges. Read our latest SIRVA Story to learn how May Jia, a destination services manager at SIRVA, found an innovative solution to Nancy’s problem. 


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Moving Your Company Headquarters - New SIRVA Blog

Key Drivers and Brexit’s Potential Impact

Why do companies move their headquarters?

After the UK’s 2016 EU referendum a survey of 1300 CEOs showed 76% were considering a HQ


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New SIRVA Technology Transforms Moving Experience for Lump-Sum Population

Self-service for lump-sum recipients (assignees)

What are the challenges lump sum recipients face during a relocationhashta ag? What’s needed in a solution? SIRVA's latest blog post discusses these questions - and iMove, a solution to the growing need for self-service digital tech in Mobility.hashtagM#Mobility.


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