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Living the Dutch life - April

Discover Dutch traditions

Alkmaar Cheese Market

Visit the world-famous tourist attraction where Dutch cheese is sold the traditional way! The Alkmaar Cheese market is a folkloric spectacle filled with thousands of stacked cheeses, cheese-hauling carriers and scales. It is a trading tradition that is centuries old - the market has been around since at least 1593! The market is held on Friday mornings from 30 March until 28 September and in July and August the market will also be held on Tuesday evenings. Around the market you will find stalls with other typical Dutch products, such as poffertjes (small fluffy pancakes), herring and clogs. More about the history of Dutch cheese making can be explored in the nearby Dutch Cheese Museum.

IamExpat Fair Amsterdam

Learn all about life in the Netherlands at the leading fair for internationals on 7 April. The IamExpat Fair takes place twice a year, this time in Amsterdam, and is designed to connect and support the expat community in the Netherlands. It offers information about a wide range of topics, such as housing, career, education and leisure. There will also be free workshops and presentations to attend and entrance to the fair is free if you register online.

Get into the Greenhouse

Take the opportunity to see what is happening in the Dutch greenhouses from 7 until 8 April. Get into the Greenhouse (Kom in de Kas) is the largest horticultural event in the Netherlands and allows visitors to discover the world of vegetables, flowers and plant cultivators. There will be fun activities for all ages, such as tasting products, robots watering plants and cooking workshops with information on healthy nutrition. Find out where you can visit a greenhouse on the website or ask a local tourist information office.

National Museum Week

Discover the artistic treasures and unique show pieces of Holland during the National Museum Week taking place from 9 until 15 April. Around 400 different museums will open up their unique collections and hold special exhibitions, guided tours and children activities. This year the National Museum Week aims to make museums interesting for people that wouldn’t usually visit museums.

Flower Parade

Enjoy the spectacular sight and perfumes of dozens of decorated floats and cars during the Flower Parade on 21 April. The parade follows a 42 kilometre route through the so called Flower Bulb area, from Noordwijk to Haarlem (passing the Keukenhof), and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In order to get a good viewing spot it is advised to arrive early. The day after, on 22 April, the floats will remain on view in Haarlem. To see how millions of flowers, such as hyacinths, tulips and daffodils are pinned to the floats by hundreds of volunteers, the hall of De Leeuw Flowerbulbs in Sassenheim can be visited three days prior to the parade.

Springsnow Amsterdam

Celebrate the magic of Amsterdam‘s spring by viewing its signature elm trees unleash their seeds in a flurry of white blossoms. There is no other place in the world where so many elm trees can be found – the trees have been defining the cityscape for centuries. During Springsnow, the Amsterdam Spring Celebration which takes from 21 April until 21 May, a variety of activities and events take place. For example, catch the spring snow on the eight-kilometre-long elm route or visit a spring snow photo exhibition at Amstelpark.

King’s Day

Join the biggest Dutch street party of the year in which everyone is covered in orange to celebrate the King’s birthday on 27 April. The entire country will be celebrating on the streets and canals (often with music), and there will be flea markets, fun fairs and many children’s activities. The capital city will be crowded with people and certainly has the most exuberant celebrations. Traditionally the party starts the night before with King’s Night, of which the city of The Hague is most known for. With any luck you might also see the Royal family, as each year they visit one of the municipalities in the Netherlands during the celebrations. Learn more about King’s Day traditions by reading these fun facts!

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Living the Dutch life - March

Get ready for Spring!

Rotterdam Museum Night

Enjoy a new perspective on Rotterdam during the Museum Night on 3 March. The event’s programme covers art, culture and fun which can be seen by starlight in every corner of the city. Start the night with relaxing yoga in the Dutch Photo Museum and play pinball on one of 80 pin tables in the Dutch Pinball Museum. There is even opportunity to take a selfie dressed up as Cleopatra in the Tax and Customs Museum. More than 30 venues are participating and public transport is free, featuring special buses and historic trams, enabling visitors to hop-on and off across cultural Rotterdam.

HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show

Visit the largest event for water sports lovers in The Netherlands from 7 until 11 March. The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is the official opening of the sailing season and attracts more than 35,000 visitors. Here you will find the latest trends and designs in the world of water sports and discover all about equipment and boat hire. It is a wonderful day out for both adults and children offering all kinds of fun water activities, such as surfing and wakeboarding. This year the event is completely renewed and offers more information about lifestyle and recreation.

Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Discover all about one of the world’s most popular hot beverages at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival from 9 until 11 March. This event dedicated to coffee, tea and chocolate will present the latest trends in taste, such as best coffee and food pairings, live latte art and the most delicious coffee cocktails! Various workshops and interactive masterclasses will also be available throughout the festival, as well as an exciting coffee mixologist competition where baristas and cocktail sommeliers will try to create the ultimate coffee cocktail.

The European Fine Art Fair Maastricht

The European Fine Art Fair Maastricht (TEFAF) is a yearly feast for art lovers taking place from 10 until 18 March. The fair is recognised as the world’s leading art fair because of its commitment to excellence, expertise and elegance. Over 7000 years of art history will be presented by more than 275 internationally renowned exhibitors. You can also find a total of 35,000 objects offered for sale, such as Old Master paintings, antiques, classical antiquities, modern art, photography and jewellery. 

Opening Keukenhof

Experience the most gorgeous views of blooming Dutch tulips and other flowers during Keukenhof’s Spring opening from 22 March until 13 May. Keukenhof is the most famous and largest flower park in the world where more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted every year. The theme for this year is ‘Romance in Flowers’, since the historic flower park was created in the middle of the Romantic period in 1857. You can see this theme reflected across various events, such as a classical music festival, as well as a gigantic flower bulb mosaic.

Movies that Matter The Hague

Watch movies with an important message during the Movies that Matter Festival in The Hague from 23 until 31 March. The festival is held by Amnesty International to create awareness for situations where human rights and human dignity are at stake, as they believe that film has a capacity to open peoples’ eyes. Their mission is to stir debate and promote human rights education. Besides movies you can also participate in talk shows and debates and enjoy musical performances.

Amsterdam Open Tower Day

Get a special view of Amsterdam from the top of various historic and modern towers during Open Tower Day taking place on 24 March. Beautiful buildings that are usually closed to the public will open their doors on this day. Classical buildings such as the Beurs van Berlage and the Westertoren previously participated, as well as famous company buildings such as the ABN Amro headquarters and the Crown Plaza. On location various guided tours, a photography and film competition and many more activities will take place. The event is free, however access to some towers is limited and/or requires advance registration.

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Living the Dutch life - February

Enjoy February’s celebrations

Feel at home in The Hague

Meet other expats and enjoy a fun day out during the biggest international community event in the Netherlands on 4 February. The Feel at Home in The Hague fair takes place at the City Hall, where knowledge and secrets are shared about how to make the most of your time in The Hague. There will be many exhibitors providing a mix of information, entertainment and an International Food Court. Entry is free for pre-registered visitors and on the day visitors will pay a small charge.

Art Rotterdam

Enjoy the latest developments in visual arts during the international art fair, taking place from 7 until 11 February. Find a mixture of video art, paintings, performances, sculptures and design with the focus on young and varied creations. At the heart of the fair, located in the iconic Van Nellefabriek, the work of the most talented artists will be displayed by around 75 international galleries. This spectacular location has been a World Heritage since 2014 and used to be a coffee and tabacco factory. In other parts of the city you will find interesting exhibitions as well.  


Get dressed up in your most colourful outfit and enjoy the carnival parades in various cities across the Netherlands from 10 until 13 February. For a true Dutch carnival experience you should visit the popular cities Maastricht or Enschede as they have a wide range of child-friendly festivities featuring huge floats, costumed troupes, dancers and music. Carnival has been a Dutch tradition since the 14th century and is mainly celebrated in the southern part of the Netherlands. It developed its own vocabulary derived from local dialects, so don’t be surprised when the Dutch start using even stranger words than usual during the carnival celebrations!

Chinese New Year

Celebrate the start of the new year once again with the Chinese New Year celebrations across the Netherlands. Officially the Chinese New Year starts on 16 February, when we will head into the year of the Dog. The traditional Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar and each year is related to an animal sign. During the celebrations there will be traditional dragon dances as well as lion dances, fireworks, performances and an Asian market. On 16 February you can take part in the celebrations in Amsterdam and the Hague’s celebrations will be on 17 February. In Rotterdam there will be an extended celebration with special activities throughout the city for a whole week, from 12 until 18 February.

Homemakers' Fair Amsterdam

Visit this household and shopping feast from 17 until 25 February and find out all about the latest products on the market! When founded in 1950 the Homemakers’ Fair was a retail event meant for Dutch housewives. Now it has grown into a huge annual event about beauty, fashion, health and interior design. A ticket to the Homemakers’ Fair also gives access to the Nine Months Fair, happening from 21 until 25 February. This fair is all about everything related to babies and pregnancies. Both fairs take place at the event location RAI Amsterdam.

Chocoa Chocolate Festival Amsterdam

Enter the sweet world of chocolate and learn all about the origin, production and taste of chocolate at Chocoa Festival on 24 and 25 February. At the Beurs van Berlage, a beautiful location in Amsterdam and monument of trade, more than 75 stands with patissiers and chocolate manufacturers will be present. Expect a full day programme of tastings and presentations given by experts and more important documentaries and films about sustainability. The event is fully dedicated to making chocolate sustainable and includes an open debate on this subject on 23 February. For anyone who is interested in the chocolate trade and would like to meet cocoa producers or chocolate makers there is the Chocoa Trade Fair on 22 and 23 February.

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Living the Dutch life - January

Planning the New Year

Cool Event Scheveningen

Visit Cool Event Scheveningen for the ultimate winter experience. The Hague’s beach resort will be transformed into a winter wonderland with all kinds of fun activities up until 21 January. On the boulevard next to the Pier you will find a 30-metre long ice slide as well as a covered ice skating rink in front of the Kurhaus Hotel. In the Ice Expo tent beautiful ice sculptures can be admired within the theme ‘200 years of Scheveningen’. Afterwards you can enjoy an ice cold drink at the ice bar with chairs and glasses made of ice! Or if you’d rather prefer something warm there are plenty of cafés around that offer special menus or just a mug of hot chocolate.

Holiday Fair Ultrecht

Experience a mini holiday without leaving the country at the Holiday Fair in Utrecht from 10 until 14 January. Gain ideas and be inspired for your next holiday trip during grey January! The fair will provide information about all kinds of travel and destinations worldwide or close to home. There are also many activities and things to experience, such as workshops, a virtual reality-street and a green picnic area. As of this year the fair will introduce a new concept on Saturday, the Night at the Holiday Fair, with longer opening hours.

Amsterdam Hotel Night

Locals of Amsterdam – it’s your turn to feel like a tourist! During the Amsterdam Hotel Night on 13 and 14 January registered residents of Amsterdam are offered an overnight stay at a reduced price in a local hotel to promote Amsterdam as a holiday destination. There will be a varied programme of culinary, creative and cultural events available to those who purchase a Hotel Night ticket. All but the discounted rooms, are available for purchase for those not residing in Amsterdam. Activities include canal tours, movie screenings and hip hotel parties.

Whisky Weekend Amsterdam

Let yourself be introduced into a world of whiskey during the Whiskey Weekend in Amsterdam on 19 and 20 January. In the beautiful Posthoornkerk (church) all kinds of whiskey brands and related products will be available to buy, with workshops and tasting sessions to follow. You do not necessarily have to be a whiskey expert to appreciate the event - stalls and the Scottish music can also be enjoyed.

National Tulip Day

Bring some spring into your home with the opening of the tulip season on National Tulip Day. A huge tulip picking garden at Amsterdam’s Dam Square, created by Dutch tulip growers, is the highlight of the event on 20 January. Every year thousands of people come to admire Holland’s trademark flower and pick a free bouquet on this day. The special theme for 2018 will be ‘Romantic’ and is also used for the coming season at Keukenhof, as flowers and romance are inextricably connected.

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Discover movies by new talents as well as established filmmakers from all across the world at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam from 24 January until 4 February. It is one of the largest public film events in the world and stands out for its focus on innovative and independent filmmakers. The festival will present a diverse selection of films, visual art exhibitions, live performances and networking events. To encourage young talented directors the best works will receive the VPRO Tiger Awards, the highlight of the event.

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Congratulations Frank and Trygve

Celebrating 20 years at Team Relocations

Frank and Trygve Gjøsund from our Norway office are today celebrating 20 years' working at Team Relocations.

Brothers Frank and Trygve joined the company on 1st December 1997 and have been with Team ever since!

Frank, Operations Director and Trygve, Crew Foreman are valuable members of the team and deserve a big thank you and congratulations, having built a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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Team Relocations & Project Saksham

Looking back on our 3 year project

As you may know, in 2013 we pledged our support to a 3 year project with Plan International called
Project Saksham, to advance young people’s rights and promote equality for girls in India. Suffering from high rates of unemployment and risks of vulnerable employment, girls and young women are disproportionately excluded from economic opportunities.

We are delighted to announce that your hard work fundraising has allowed the company to provide Project Saksham with over €150,000, and helped to lift many young people out of poverty through training and career opportunities.

With Team’s funding, the project has been able to provide vocational and entrepreneurial training to 582 young men and 823 young women, to give them vital skills in order to secure a job or become self-employed. The results were outstanding; where the anticipated job placement rate of 60% was surpassed with an astounding 72%, of which 58% were women.

Of those who trained, 816 young people have been empowered to start their own businesses.  Plan India will continue to coach these alumni, facilitating connections with relevant organisations and networks.Importantly, Project Saksham has helped to create a replicable model for similar initiatives worldwide, and further promote the economic participation of young people, specifically women.

Team Relocations Employees have done their bit for the charity via fundraising initiatives, such as spinning marathons, yoga sessions, auctions, donations, raffles and several running events. The effort, determination and imagination from the staff has been inspiring, and we are excited to announce that Plan were able to provide training for 15 more students than projected.

“There is nothing better than being independent”

Living with her parents and three siblings in a dense slum resettlement in South-West Delhi, Alpana, 21, is determined to pull her family out of poverty.

"I became the first girl in my whole family to be employed. No other female had ever worked before. To me, getting a decent job and going to work every day feels like I have become a new person.

I feel confident to move about freely and deal with people without any fear or hesitation. I feel that I am free, independent.”

A positive impact on communities – ending the poverty cycle

By focusing efforts on empowering young women, the Saksham  project promotes social development and economic growth for the entire community.

Research shows that “educated girls invest almost all their total income (70%) in their families,” which in turn, supports the community as a whole. This means that by investing in girl’s education, the poverty cycle that often occurs in these communities can be broken. Team Relocations’ contributions have not only directly impacted these young women and men, but they have provided a stepping stone for future generations to develop and help end their cycle of poverty.

Changing mind-sets - gender equality

As well as promoting job-oriented, vocational and entrepreneurship training, the project helped to involve and teach parents, communities and employers about gender equality, equal opportunities and economic empowerment for girls as gender equality is embedded in all the courses.

Well done and thank you to all who got involved!

Not only has Team’s support helped vulnerable people the ability to work, it has provided them with the opportunity to follow their passions, support their families, and help future generations develop to their full potential.

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