Berlin's International Green Week

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If you're going to be in Berlin between the 16th and 25th January, do go along to Berlin's International Green Week! 

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International Green Week has food tastings and live animals - perfect for a fun family day out!

The International Green Week (IGW) was established in 1926. Since then, food producers from all over the world have utilised the IGW to introduce new products, market-test food, and establish brand identities.
The IGW also features commercial and non-commercial agricultural, forestry, and landscaping exhibits. Recurring themes are renewable resources, scientific breeding of livestock, and production methods.
During the ten days of the IGW, the presentations of new products, food tastings and displays of live animals such as cows and sheep draw more than 400,000 visitors each year. Among them are gourmets, pupils and families who want to learn more about where our food comes from and the latest food trends.
The product presentations feature fresh produce, fish, meats, and dairy products but also a vast selection of international and German wines, beers, and spirits to satisfy every palate. Right in line with consumer trends, the IGW also includes direct agricultural sales and the "BioMarkt", an organic produce section.
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