Denmark - a destination for highly skilled labour


At the end of May we attended a networking event with Erhverv Aarhus & Vestas in Aarhus. The focus of the event was how businesses function in globalised markets. and the difficulties it poses for them.

Many of our customers want to hire skilled foreign nationals to keep up with the rising demand for product development in the engineering industry. Understandably this is not as simple as it seems. The problem isn’t finding highly skilled candidates, but the candidates themselves questioning if Denmark is the right destination for them.

The ease and wealth of information available to today’s workforce mean news and current developments can be found at the click of a button. Before making the big decision of settling in Denmark, candidates will naturally research their options, ultimately asking if Denmark is the right fit for them.

The media tends to portray Denmark’s political climate in a somewhat harsh light. The stance on immigrants has toughened, directly affecting all businesses’ ability to hire foreign employees.

Our customers and businesses in similar positions experience many questions from potential candidates – highly skilled candidates that can choose to work anywhere in the world. ‘Why choose Denmark, if Danish people and the system don’t like foreigners?’

We just want to make it clear – in Denmark we welcome everyone.

We have a great social atmosphere, a unique sense of humour (once you get the hang of it), a safe society with low crime rates and fantastic work-life balance with the possibility of enjoying one or more hobbies after work. Most importantly, you are welcome here, and we have great programmes and communities that can help you settle in well, whatever your background or situation.

Before allowing the media and news to adversely affect your decision to move to Denmark, try to learn more about Denmark and your new employer. Speaking to current employees is a great way of finding out about a company’s work culture, and also the social life available outside of work. Reading up on an employer’s mission and values is also a great reflection on the company and a way to work out if you would fit in there.

- Emilie Falk

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