Do You Know Your Apples From Your Oranges?

Guest blogger, Colin Atkins, Team Relocations Account Director, tells us of Team's recent fruity quiz at the London Totally Expat Show.

Reviewing a Singapore Country Guide a while back, I came across a reference to the 'King of Fruit' Durian which I had come across (and was brave enough to taste) while living in SE Asia in the '90s.

I asked colleagues if they had heard of this fruit which can weigh up to 3kg, has thorny skin and such an overpowering odour (rotting flesh?) that its consumption is actually banned on public transport and in hotels in some parts of South East Asia. Apparently this fruit is particularly favoured by Orangutans, so perhaps the hotel ban is not so much related to the smell after all...

Anyway, my colleagues had not come across the Durian, but Trevor spoke about the Cacao Fruit that he came across at the Hershey's Plantation in St. Lucia (flash or what..?), which has inedible flesh and 20-40 cacao beans inside which are best consumed (singly!) by dissolving slowly in the mouth and are known locally as 'Jungle M&Ms'. 

Tony on the other hand had an interesting conversation with a supplier in Cameroon some time ago who was very excited that the African Mango had 'hit' the USA and was being touted as the latest weight loss silver bullet - it seems the seeds of this mango, native to Cameroon, have been in use as a dietary supplement for a few centuries or so.


Virginie recounted her experience at breakfast in Mexico: lots of fruit for breakfast among them the Mamey, a smooth, creamy texture, not too sweet and apparently an aphrodisiac. For breakfast? Oh to be a Mexican...

We decided, that given the recent upgrades of our 5-a-day to 7-a-day, or even 11-a-day-depending-on-who-you-ask, it might be fun to share some international fruit knowledge and give away a juicer to promote a healthy lifestyle at the Totally Expat Show this year.

So, on behalf of Team, I'm very pleased to announce the winner and runners up below.


Caroline Scott, Turners & Townsend

Runners up:

  • Erik Van Dyke, Tibco
  • Nicole Dellipiani, SThree
  • David Billington, Centrica
  • Zoe Bennett, SThree 

Thanks to all who participated in our quiz.

PS. To Caroline Scott, an update: fruit is out (too much fructose), it's all leafy greens now. Sorry to spoil your fun!

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