Industry associations - which ones?

Industry organisations provide relocation companies with a mix of learning and networking opportunities, but which organisations deliver best value to Team and our clients?

Like most business sectors, the relocation industry is served by a plethora of industry associations, with diverse objectives which include education, setting professional standards, lobbying, networking and organising conferences in warm climates!

Team employees are active in several of these organisations, so here is our completely subjective view of what they deliver.

Worldwide ERC is the grand-daddy of them all. Founded in the 1960s and based in Washington DC, the ERC is best known for its slick conferences and “Mobility” magazine. Over the years, it has been the leading source of information on all aspects of mobility, but despite its name and global aspirations, Worldwide ERC has struggled to shake off its US-centric focus.

A relative upstart in the relocation industry is The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM). With a clever model based on local “chapters” and effective use of social media, FEM has quickly established itself as a major force in our industry. This is particularly true in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, where its events are well attended by corporate HR and it is now regarded as both the leading source of industry information (see and networking opportunities.

EuRA is primarily the industry association for European destination service providers (DSPs). It promotes the services of its members and sets professional standards, particularly through the EuRA Quality Seal. Within the UK, a similar function is performed by The Association of Relocation Professionals.

Membership of one of these bodies is a key factor when Team selects a DSP.

Finally, although it cannot be described as an industry association, Re:locate deserves mention as a long-standing and prodigious information provider to our industry and, more recently, as creator of the Re:locate Awards.

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