Living the Dutch life - August

Starting the cultural season

Sneekweek & Sailing Champignonships

From 5 until 10 August in the province of Friesland, the largest inshore sailing event will take place. The Sneekweek is named after the city of Sneek where the event is held. It is a great event for lovers of sailing but more famous for its fun and enjoyable atmosphere. By day there are competitive races and after the races the party begins – as the famous saying goes “by day for the honour, by night for the atmosphere!” There are also various other festivities, such as a fair and a big market. The event starts with a spectacular opening ceremony, including a naval review and a fireworks show.

From 5 until 18 August there are also the Frisian Skûtsjesilen Sailing Championships. Every day the races are sailed in a different place by fourteen skûtsjes in order to win the championship, all for the honour of a town, village or region. Skûtsjes are historical flat bottom boats that were originally used as cargo ships by Frisian farmers as they could easily sail through shallow water because of their structure. Sometimes farmers used them in sailing matches to make some extra money. These competitions form the basis of the organized Skûtsjesilen Championships.

International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen

Enjoy the most gorgeous firework shows across two weekends, on 11-12 and 18-19 August. The annual Fireworks Festival is a serious international competition with strict rules for the participating countries. For four nights several countries will try to put on the best fireworks display on the beach of Scheveningen. On the boulevard you can also watch fire eaters, jugglers and dance and music groups. The event draws tens of thousands of visitors, so it is recommended to go there by bike or foot if possible. 

Canal Festival Amsterdam

This ten-day classical music marathon is one of the most wonderful cultural events in Amsterdam. From 11 until 20 August more than 150 concerts are held in very special locations on and around the canals, such as roof terraces, cruise ships, canal houses, tube tunnels and hotel suites. The concerts are of high quality, involving young talents from around the world, and very affordable (mostly free of charge). The main event and definitely a must see during the Canal Festival is the Prinsengracht Concert, held on a pontoon on the canal with the audience listening from hundreds of little boats and from the canal side.

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen

From 17 until 27 August a festival village appears in the city of Groningen with a unique and exciting programme. The Noorderzon Festival provides creative and innovative performances for a broad audience and is freely accessible. There will be theatre, dance, music, literature and visual art provided by national and international artists. 



Uitmarkt Amsterdam

During the last weekend of August the new cultural season is launched with the Uitmarkt, the largest cultural festival in the Netherlands. This free festival takes place at more than 30 surprising venues in Amsterdam from 25 until 27 August. The varied programme offers a range of performances, such as music, art, theatre, dance, opera, literature and cabaret. For the youngest visitors there is also the Uitmarkt Junior.

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