Living the Dutch life - August

August's best open-air events

Floating Flower Parade (Westland)

Admire the Floating Flower Parade,  a colourful spectacle on the water from 3-5 August in the Westland region. Boats decorated with flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables will sail different routes, passing through cities like The Hague, Delft and Vlaardingen. The mission of the parade is to present and promote local produce of the Westland region, famous for its glasshouse horticulture.

Various activities will be organised along the route, such as markets and music performances. It is recommended to visit the boat parade by bike, since the event draws over 500,000 visitors and the Westland region is equally as beautiful for cycling!


Experience the largest inshore sailing event, the annual Sneekweek in the province of Friesland. This event, taking place from 4-9 August, attracts thousands of water sports lovers. The event kicks off with an opening ceremony, followed by a fleet show, traditional sailing competitions, fun fair, market and entertainment by local music bands.

Sailing Championships

The Skȗtsjesilen Sailing Championships, from 4-17 August, are also organised on the Frisian lakes. These spectacular competitions with historic flat bottom boats (skȗtsje sailboats) see the skippers fight for the honour and chance to gain the challenge trophy. It is a unique experience for both young and old and one of the top events for Dutch tourism.

International Fireworks Festival

Enjoy the exciting and famous International Fireworks Festival in Scheveningen from 10-11 August and 17-18 August. Each night, teams from around the world put on their most impressive displays from a pontoon at sea, whilst the audience enjoys the view from the boulevard and the beach of Scheveningen. In addition to being mesmerised by the light and colour of the sky, you can also enjoy music, jugglers and fire eaters on the boulevard. The festival is very popular and attracts up to 100,000 visitors, so it is best to plan ahead to avoid traffic.

Balloon Fiesta (Barneveld)

Visit the impressive hot air balloon festival in Barneveld from 22-25 August. The Fiesta is a unique experience, giving you the opportunity to view hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes prepare and take-off to the skies. The balloons will slowly drift towards the cities of Apeldoorn and Arnhem and then return to the festival ground for an evening of magical Nightglow. During this show the balloons will light up as lanterns and decorated with lasers which dance to the festival music, a breathtaking spectacle!

Music and more

10 – 19 August: Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

Classical music festival on the Amsterdam canals. The most unlikely spots will be transformed into stages for performances by young talents and established artists.

23 – 25 August: Jazz in de Gracht The Hague

Find yourself a spot along the canal to see the floating Jazz Festival pass by on characteristic flat bottom boats.

24 – 26 August: Uitmarkt Amsterdam

A richly varied programme offering the best arts and culture at different venues throughout the city. It is the largest cultural festival in the Netherlands and is free!

24 – 26 August: Jordaan Festival Amsterdam

Visit this typical Dutch event in the old folk district called the Jordaan. A must for those who like to sing along with traditional folk songs by Amsterdam’s famous artists.

25 – 26 August: OVG Veerhaven Concert Rotterdam

Discover Rotterdam’s maritime atmosphere at the Veerhaven while enjoying an open air concert by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Arrive by boat or take a seat by the docks and enjoy the last days of summer.



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