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Day of the Castle

Every year on Whit Monday, history is brought to life with the Day of the Castle. Dozens of centuries old castles, country estates and ruins will open their doors hosting activities for young and old, such as guided tours, expositions, music and theatre performances. This year the event will take place on the 5 June.

Discover a magical setting where culture and nature merge together. Take a moment to admire the moats, orchards, statues and nature, while reliving the past and learning how people live and work in a castle today.

Visit the website to find an overview of all castles that are participating.

Open Garden Days of Amsterdam

Discover one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets during the Open Garden Days from 16 until 18 June. Behind the impressive canal houses hides a completely different world where you will find a quiet green oasis. This year around 30 of these canal house gardens will be accessible to visitors for the weekend.

Purchasing a ticket will allow access to all of the gardens as well as a city map to help you locate the gardens. On the website you can find more information about tickets and locations.

The Day of Architecture

Since 1986 the Day of Architecture has been a national phenomenon attracting thousands of visitors each year. During the event the importance of architecture and urban development is highlighted with each city or region organising their own programme and theme. Readings, debates, tours through iconic buildings and fun excursions will take place throughout the weekend, such as tours through an old bunker complex, government buildings and a canal tour along monumental buildings.

The event is celebrated from 16 until 18 June, but this may differ in certain cities. Please visit the website for more information.

Flag Day Scheveningen

Celebrate the first herring catch of the year on Flag Day with a festive programme in the harbour of Scheveningen. This event is one of the biggest street festivals in The Hague, held this year on the 17 June. The festival is a great opportunity to see people in traditional attire as well as live music.  And of course you can taste some Hollandse Nieuwe (new Dutch herring) at one of the fish stalls!

Flag Day is held every year in June at the start of the herring season. Spring is the best period for herring to be caught because there is more plankton for the fish to eat - any earlier and the herring will be too lean and too late they will be too fatty. The first cask of herring is always sold at auction every year, with the profit being donated to charity.

SAIL / Navy Days Den Helder

From 22 until 25 June two huge nautical event will bring back the Golden Age to the city Den Helder. The event features a fleet of Tall Ships and ships from the National Sailing Heritage, and visitors will have the opportunity to look inside the ships. SAIL Den Helder is not an annual event and therefore this edition promises to be very special.

Taking place at the same time is the Navy Days as organised by the Royal Navy. As the Nieuwe Haven is the largest naval port in the country it is the perfect location for both events. During the Navy Days there will be many demonstrations and navy ships to be admired. As seen in this video.

Veterans' Day

The annual Veterans’ Day in the Netherlands honours more than 117,000 veterans. We take a moment to appreciate the effort of all Dutch military everywhere in the world both now and in the past. This festive day is celebrated in The Hague with a ceremony in the Hall of Knights and at the Inner Court, with a march past the Court Pond and a unique airshow.

During the march thousands of veterans and military will march around the Court Pond followed by a range of army vehicles. The veterans will all wear a special gold pin which symbolises the appreciation for the honourable work they have done in name of the Dutch government.

The event will take place on 24 June from 11:00 till 17:00 and the airshow will start at 13:00. Throughout the day a range of activities will take place on the Malieveld, such as informational stands, veterans’ art, exhibitions, military museums and bands. To get an impression of Veterans Day in The Hague watch this trailer!


Summer in the Netherlands is the prime time for festivals. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite festivals taking place this June.

1 – 25 June: TREK

Foodlovers can visit this eco-friendly festival with free entry in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Enschede and various other locations. TREK turns a park into a huge open-air restaurant with delicious food trucks.

3 – 5 June: Pinkpop

This is Holland’s biggest open-air festival and is sold out almost every year. It is a multiday event which takes place in Landgraaf, and has previously featured musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

9 – 18 June: Oerol

Since 1982 Oerol has grown to become a true phenomenon on the island of Terschelling. It is one of the most fun and exceptional theatre festivals in Europe, with ten days of (street) theatre, dance, art and music at many exceptional locations. 

19 – 25 June: Amsterdam Roots Festival

A musical world trip along the most divergent cultures and styles is how Amsterdam Roots Festival can be described. You can enjoy performances of fado, zouk, latin, flamenco and more non-western music, but the highlight of the festival will be in Oosterpark where 50,000 people will come together!

23 June – 2 July: De Parade

This travelling festival is a theatre, circus, carnival and funfair all in one. In June through to July it hits Holland’s four main cities – Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and then Amsterdam.

25 June: Parkpop

The biggest free pop festival in Holland is held in The Hague - the number one pop city for a reason! Tens of thousands of music lovers gather in Zuiderpark to enjoy many top musicians and upcoming talented bands.

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