Living the Dutch life - November

Get cosy, get creative and explore this November!

Affordable Art Fair

Take the chance to buy an original piece of art at The Affordable Art Fair, taking place in Amsterdam 31 Oct - 4 Nov. This unique concept makes art accessible to everyone, allowing you to buy works of art by upcoming and established artists at affordable prices. The event also offers free workshops to attend, making it a fair perfect for a family day out. A broad range of art will be presented, from figurative to abstract and from traditional to avant-garde.

Museum Night

See Amsterdam’s museums, literally, in a completely new light during Museum Night taking place 3 November. Over 50 museums will participate during this art and culture themed night, which includes well-known museums such as the Hermitage and Maritime Museum, but also some of the city’s smaller institutions. Once it gets dark you can enjoy many exceptional performances and workshops across the entire city. A single ticket allows access to all museums and one free visit to a museum after the Museum Night. 

National School Breakfast

During the National School Breakfast week, 5-9 November, parents are encouraged to send their child to school for breakfast so they can enjoy it with their classmates. More than 2,900 primary schools will participate in this yearly event in which schools serve healthy and nutritious breakfasts, whilst educating the children in a fun way how important and simple it this to have breakfast. During this week there will be all kinds of special events and this year’s theme is: A party for everyone!

I Am Expat Fair

Learn all about life in the Netherlands at the leading fair for expats on 10 November. The IamExpat Fair takes place twice a year at different locations and is designed to connect and support the expat community in the Netherlands. This edition takes place in one of The Hague’s oldest buildings - the iconic Grote Kerk! The fair offers information about a wide range of topics, such as housing, careers, education and leisure and there will be free workshops and presentations to attend. Entrance to the fair is free after online registration.


Visit Eindhoven, the city of light, during GLOW light art festival from 11-18 November. For one week, the city comes alive with eccentric light constructions, innovative works of art and numerous events which will all revolve around this year's theme: Shadows & Light! By nightfall, experience the unique displays via a walking route through the city’s streets, taking you past stunning designs boasting all colours and shapes.

Sint Maarten

Celebrate the Dutch version of Halloween on Sint Maarten’s day, 11 November, often called the feast of sharing. Children excitedly knock on neighbourhood doors with lanterns and sing songs to receive a candy or fruit in return. The songs often contain nonsense words or vague puzzling references to the origins of the feast day. Sint Maarten’s day is celebrated in parts of the North and South of the Netherlands, as well the provinces of Flevoland, Overijssel, Gelderland, South-Holland and Zeeland. If you are living in one of these areas it is advisable to buy treats and lantern sticks (in case your children want to participate) in advance as these sell out fast!

Arrival Saint Nicholas

The Sinterklaas feast is a beloved Dutch holiday and tradition. Although the actual celebration of the feast is on the evening of 5 December, all children are excitedly awaiting his arrival each year in mid-November. Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) will officially arrive by boat on 17 November in the city of Zaandijk together with his Pieten (helpers). He then makes his way through the country on his white horse Amerigo. In most other towns and cities, unofficial arrivals will be organised as well. 

The story depicts in the days leading up to 5 December, Sinterklaas rides across rooftops at night listening through chimneys for good children and leaves them little treats in their shoes, which are left by the fireplace or door. Traditional Sinterklaas sweets are chocolate letters, pepernoten (small spiced biscuits), gingerbread men and marzipan.

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