Living the Dutch life - October

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Relief of Leiden

Participate in the festivities of Leiden’s '3 October Festival' to commemorate the Spanish Siege and subsequent relief of the city in 1574. The entire city makes for one big party with a parade, fun fair, market, concerts and a grand firework show. set against the backdrop of Leiden’s beautiful 17th and 18th century buildings and canals, the festival celebrates many traditions. The morning of the event starts with a reveille, followed by an offering of herring and white bread, the traditional meal associated with the festival. After this, you can attend a memorial service in St Peter’s Church and enjoy another traditional meal of hutspot (carrot and onion stew) in the evening.

Children’s Book Week

Each year the Dutch Children’s Book Week celebrates and promotes reading for children up to 12 years old. This year, from 3-14 October, the town's libraries and primary schools organise fun activities and special lessons to follow the theme of the event, this year's being Friendship. As making friends is learnt when you're a child, the event wishes to address both the happy and exciting adventures within friendships, but help children understand the cruel nature of bullying and how it can be stopped.

Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market

To celebrate the start of the bulb-growing season, Keukenhof park opens for a very special Flower Bulb Market from 5-6 October. The market bustles with excited gardeners, ready to stock up and receive expert tips for growing the most successful crop. A large selection of exclusive and exquisite bulbs can be bought straight from the cultivator. If you love gardening, this one is definitely for you! Kindly note that you will only be able to pay cash at the event.

Museum Night

On 6 October, the 'Museum Nacht Den Hague' transforms museums and cultural institutions in the city centre, Scheveningen and Voorburg as they all open their doors to art-loving night owls. The theme ‘Ablaze’ will let you experience an exciting programme of activities, such as a passionate tango workshop and pepper vodka tasting. A ticket will give you access to all participating museums and institutions (with a one-time free entry until 31 December). A historical bus from The Hague’s Bus Museum will be used for shuttle services.

Dutch Design Week

Discover the work of young and talented designers of the future during Dutch Design Week, from 20-28 October in Eindhoven. The city is home to world famous Dutch Designers and is the biggest design event in Northern Europe, attracting more than 295,000 people from around the world! Exhibits, workshops and lectures are offered across many beautiful locations in the city, all celebrating the themes of experiment, innovation and cross-overs. Pay attention to the Dutch Design Awards to see who is crowned the top designers!


In the early hours of Sunday 28 October, the clocks will go back 1 hour for 'Winter Time', marking the end of 'Daylight Savings Time'. Sunrise and sunset will therefore be one hour earlier than the day before, meaning we can all enjoy an hour of sleep! Don't forget to change your clocks on the 27th before you go to bed.

Crossing Border Festival

One of Europe’s main international literature and music festivals will take place in The Hague’s cultural centre 29 Oct-4 Nov.
Crossing Border presents a unique combination of spoken word, music, film and visual arts. Besides the biggest names from the literature and music industry also undiscovered artists will be included in the programme. The focus of the festival is new developments in literature and music and their interconnection with other arts. 




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