Living the Dutch life - October 2019

Events in October!

Relief of Leiden

Commemorate the relief of the city from the Spanish siege in 1574 at the City's Festival on 3 October. Enjoy a parade, fun fair, market, concert and grand firework show, alongside learning the many traditions and history of the city. The festival starts in the morning with a reveille, followed by a traditional festival meal of herring and white bread. A memorial service is also delivered in St Peter’s Church. In the evening, a carrot and onion stew called 'hutspot' is usually enjoyed.

Children’s Book Week

The 2019 Dutch Children’s Book Week takes place from 2-13 October for children up to 12 years old. Fun activities are organised by primary schools and town libraries, with special lessons following this year's theme of Travel Along! To make it easier for children to find a book they like, the event organisers have made a fun map which organises the books into categories. 


Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market

Usually closed outside of spring, Keukenhof Park is opened to the public for the Flower Bulb Market to celebrate the start of the bulb-growing season. The Flower Bulb Market will be held from 4-5 October for home gardeners to listen to expert tips for growing the most successful flower crop and buy their favourites. A large selection of exclusive and extraordinary bulbs are available to buy (by cash) on the day.


Museum Night

Museum Night celebrate's its 10th anniversary this year on 5 October, where museums and cultural institutions open their doors at night with a range of activities. Taking place within The Hague's city centre, Scheveningen and Voorburg, activities are inspired by the magical sea spark or an escape from the Gevangenpoort (prison gate). A ticket will give you access to all participating museums and institutions (free entry until 31 December). A historical bus from The Hague’s Bus Museum will be used for shuttle services.


Dutch Design Week

Home to world-famous designers, head to Eindhoven for the week of 19-27 October for Dutch Design Week! See talented designer's work at the biggest design event in Northern Europe. Exhibits, workshops and talks are held at stunning locations across the city with an emphasis on 'experiment, innovation and cross-overs'. The Dutch Design Awards, one of the most exciting parts of the event, crowns best designers in the industry.


On Sunday 27 October, the clocks will be set backwards for Winter Time, the end of Daylight Savings Time. This means that sunrise and sunset will be one hour earlier than the day before and we can enjoy one hour of extra sleep!



Crossing Border Festival

For lovers of the arts, international literature and music, visit the Crossing Border Festival in The Hague's cultural centre from 29 Oct-3 Nov. The Crossing Border festival presents a unique combination of spoken word, music, film and visual arts. Alongside some of the biggest names, undiscovered artists will also be apart of the programme. The focus of the festival is new developments in literature and music and their interconnection with other arts.


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