Living the Dutch life - September 2019

Sea, music and heritage!

World Port Days

Enter Europe’s largest seaport during World Port Days 6-8 September in Rotterdam. The theme this year is MariTeam, where you can meet all the people who work together to make the port of Rotterdam what it is today! This annual maritime event offers a wide range of activities such as harbour tours, demonstrations, spectacular stunts and a nautical market. 

Philharmonic Gergiev Festival

Experience one of the World's leading classical music events during the
Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival 12-15 September. This year’s edition devotes itself to Paris, featuring the rich musical history of France. The all-round programme offers a range of performances on several stages, including international opera productions and major symphonic works.


Heritage Days

Learn more about Dutch heritage during Heritage Days 14-15 September, where a wide variety of historical buildings and sites open their doors to the public. In addition to free access, you can expect on-site activities such as exhibitions, guided tours and music. The event’s theme, Places of Fun, will educate visitors on how people used to have fun and entertain one another in these places. The places of interest are divided into five categories: museum arts, performing arts, sports and games, hospitality and recreation.


Prince’s Day

Witness this important day in Dutch politics when the King reads his speech from the throne during Prince’s Day on 17 September in The Hague. The speech, or troonrede in Dutch, mainly outlines the governmental budget for the year ahead. Prior to the speech a royal procession and a Glass Carriage carrying the Dutch Royal Family will move from the Noordeinde Palace to the Ridderzaal. Thousands of people line the route as it is seen as the highlight of the day with many festivities!


Dutch Film Festival

Watch all kinds of Dutch movies during the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht 27 September-5 October. It is the largest event focusing solely on the Dutch film industry and also an important platform for Dutch directors and actors. Besides hundred of movies, the festival also organizes talk shows, debates, workshops, parties and red-carpet events with a touch of glamour. Various screenings and programmes are accessible for non-Dutch speakers. The festival’s highlight is the announcement of the winner of the top prize in the Dutch film industry, the Golden Calf.


Kite Festival

See the skies of Scheveningen beach fill with kites over every shape and colour during the Kite Festival 29-30 September. It is a unique spectacle with over one-hundred participants from around the world showing the world’s biggest kites. This year’s theme is Sea Aquarium and will feature flying (crab) fish, snales and other animals. Throughout the entire weekend there will be kiting demonstrations, stunts and workshops. On Saturday evening a breath taking night kiting show, the highlight of the festival, will show thousands of lights up in the air!



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