New Beginnings and Settling-in Support

At Team Relocations, we understand that moving across the world is like beginning a new life, and that it can be both a daunting and exciting experience, with many factors crucial to its success. These include practical elements such as finding out about the local area, choosing a bank account, registering with doctors, and less tangible elements that are part of becoming accustomed to a new culture, customs, and cuisine.

Our holistic Settling-in Support programme encompasses all these aspects and more, in a flexible format that can be tailored to both a family and their new community. Content covers general as well as day-to-day information, including cultural awareness, healthcare, transport, the rental process, appliances and furnishings, banking and finance, hobbies, restaurants, shopping and prices, adult education, voluntary work, and more!

The programme is delivered shortly after arrival, so rather than allowing expats to muddle along and work things out as best as possible, Settling-in Support instils them with useful, comprehensive knowledge and the confidence to take strides into the new community, rather than tentative steps.

If you are working with assignees moving to a new culture, contact us at Team Relocations to find out more about our Settling-in Support programme.

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