Partner Support: Not Just for Valentine’s Day

Hundreds of thousands of people relocate every year, some alone, and some with their families. When couples relocate across the globe, it's usually because one of them has an exciting new work opportunity, while their partner follows. Companies vary in how much support they provide for their relocating employee but what about the employee’s partner?

For a partner to be uprooted from their family, friends, job and everything familiar to them, then find themselves surrounded by a new culture and language, without even the routine and purpose of a working day, can be an overwhelming, if not negative, experience. In turn, this could affect the relocating employee and the success of their assignment.


The 2014 InterNations Survey reports that only 5% of relocating partners received language classes or intercultural training, and a mere 3% were helped to obtain a work permit and find a job. This shows that very few employers consider the support a relocating partner needs, and from which they would benefit greatly. Factors that could help them settle in sooner include learning about the culture and customs beforehand, as well as picking up some key phrases in the local language, and being aware of what will be on offer to them in the new locality. 


At Team Relocations, we consider every individual’s “big picture,” and that means looking after their partner too. We are proud to offer a comprehensive Partner Support programme, assisting the accompanying partner before and after the move. This includes CV-writing support and job search help from career specialists, as well as guidance towards reputable agencies and media. If re-training for a new line of work is on the cards, information about local college and course options can be given, along with suggestions as to where existing skills may be best placed for a new start. If they prefer not to work, or are not working, they will be signposted to a range of charities for which they could volunteer, community activities in which to take part, and local social and networking groups. 


Through meeting new people, probably including other expats who know exactly how they’re feeling, the relocating partner is able to build a new network of friendship and support to help them settle in.


So, if you’re currently working with relocating couples and would like them to be totally looked after, contact us at Team Relocations to discuss our Partner Support programme.


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