Spouses and Partners Face Career Challenge

A major obstacle to international mobility is the challenge faced by spouses and partners in trying to continue a career in the new location.

Even where the partner has a legal right to work, we know that practical hurdles remain.



If the most recent Global Relocation Trends Report (Brookfield 2011) is to be believed, some figures should be alarming us:-

- Only 18% of international assignees are women
- 60% of spouses/partners were employed before an assignment, but only 12% of these spouses/partners were able to find jobs during the assignment

A number of factors are affecting the low level of spouse/partner employment includes:

- High unemployment figures in many developed countries
- Difficulties in obtaining work permits in certain locations
- Rise in the number of assignments into emerging countries

However, these factors are likely to be only part of a more complicated story and there is a lack of real data on the practical hurdles faced by spouses/partners seeking employment. In the absence of accurate information it is difficult to develop policy solutions and practical support which will make a real difference.

For this reason, Team is collaborating with two other relocation management companies in carrying out a major survey of spouses/partners to learn of their job market experiences while on assignment. We hope that the survey will help us further support our clients and their relocating employees in the future.

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