Team Celebrates International Day of Families

International Day of Families has been held annually on 15th May since 1994; the United Nations proclaimed it in response to changing social and economic structures, which were affecting the stability of family structures around the world at the time. The day aims to celebrate the family unit's importance within the international community, and as a fundamental building block of society.

At Team Relocations, we would like to take this opportunity to focus on families who are thinking about relocating for work, as there are many considerations to be made before such a momentous decision, and many factors which will impact the success of its outcome. 

It is, of course, much more complicated for a family with school-aged children to relocate than it is for a single person, as the well-being of the whole family is sure to play a major role in determining the success of the assignment. Influences on familial well-being are diverse and likely to include the standard of education available for the children, range of after-school hobbies and activities, job prospects and leisure pursuits available for the assignee’s partner, and of course the assignee’s new position itself.

Our Account Directors and Client Managers are well versed in all aspects of a family’s relocation as many have made the same exciting journey themselves, so are in the perfect position to suggest and provide support. Services which they know are particularly pertinent to relocating families include Destination Orientation, Settling-In Support, and School Search.

Destination Orientation is an invaluable programme designed to familiarise assignees and their families with their new location; a process which begins before departure with a phone call to determine the programme’s itinerary based on the assignee's requirements. Subsequently, upon arrival at their destination, the assignee will be given a tour encompassing up to five property viewings and an informative overview of the local area, covering cultural briefing and awareness, healthcare, transport, banking, hobbies and leisure, local cuisine, everyday prices, and an overview of the education system.

For in-depth support with bureacracy at the new location, families benefit greatly from our Settling-In Support programme. This is a flexible programme which can be tailored specifically to the family’s interests and background, but content typically includes opening of bank accounts, signing up with healthcare providers, registration at town halls/police offices and perhaps even joining local gyms and sports clubs.

Selecting a school in which the children will flourish and fulfil their potential can be a daunting task, especially when the education system is unfamiliar. Team Relocations' comprehensive School Search programme is designed to help parents make an informed decision about which school will best meet their children's educational needs. A specialist Education Consultant will speak with the assignee to discuss their preferences and requirements, set up appointments with suitable schools, acquire prospectuses, and be able to provide advice and guidance throughout the enrolment process.

Team Relocations is very proud of our holistic approach to relocating, and appreciate that many people may not be aware of the value of such an all-inclusive programme. To find out more about our services and how we can set up your assignees with the best chance of succeeding in their next relocation, please just get in touch.


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