Celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

On 5th of June 2012, the UK celebrated the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth. Leading up to the Jubilee were celebrations and events all across the UK, including our own Team offices.

Leading up to the Jubilee, we held a charity event on Friday, 1st of June, which included dresssing up in royal or jubilee theme, food and cakes, and Crown the Queen party game.



In London W1, staff were dressed up in reds, whites and blues, and even flags! Delicious cakes with jubilee toppings looked too good to eat, but they did sell well to hungry onlookers. The highlight of the day was the Crown the Queen game in which some attempts were far from the Queen's head! At the same time in London NW10, a jubilee lunch was on the way, with food and cakes all round on the rooftop terrace. No bad weather was stopping them from enjoying the games and food!








Over at Birmingham, the planned ‘street party’ for lunch was unfortunately taken indoors due to the weather. Staff members contributed the food and drink, and "Prince Harry" made an unexpected ‘guest ‘appearance'!

To further raise more funds, some brave staff opted to eat a teaspoon of ‘spontaneous combustion’ chili sauce, which comes with a health warning! Colleagues sponsored them for their efforts. Nice going, guys!

A couple of "Prince Harry"s were also at Edinburgh, surrounded by royal subjects in fancy crowns. According to one Edinburgh staff, "the day's event turned out well, and (everyone) should be immensely proud of the effort (they) put in."









All proceeds were donated to the Prince's Trust, a youth charity in the UK, helping the lives of young people.

Visit our Facebook to view our album of party pictures.

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