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Currently, our Team office in Rotterdam is participating in a CSR Award contest in the Netherlands. This is being organised by ‘Yes We Care!’ who recognises certain organisations’ commitment to corporate social responsibility.

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But what is CSR? The most used definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is: “CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society” (Source: Mallen Baker, Founding Director, Business Respect).
CSR is incorporated into one of Team’s six core values: Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity, Security, Synergy and Resourcefulness. These values have been developed to keep pace with the demands of 21st century business and, more recently, we have uniquely brought all these elements together under our own-branded Excalibur programme. Excalibur unites all these values into one clear integrated strategy along with our pursuit to provide our clients with excellence in global relocation and move management services. Below are just some examples of our CSR activities around the Group.

  • All our offices are equipped with separate bins for plastic, wood, paper, and other waste.
  • Used fluorescent tubes are disposed via a selected supplier (we never throw them in a regular bin as the liquid inside is harmful for the environment).
  • Packing material is disposed of via the special press container
    Awareness for proper use of heating, electricity, water, paper, etc. is constantly emphasised.
  • Purchasing environment-friendly vehicles.

We are also involved with the following organisations, to name a few.

  • Stichting AAP ‘Stichting AAP’ is a European shelter for exotic animals. By sending them our empty cartridges and toners we help them to finance their animal care costs.
  • Oxfam Novib We support Oxfam Novib in their fight against poverty by supporting their program for microfinance. As ambassador we can support people in third world countries to obtain a small loan through this program. With this loan they can start their own small company and work towards an independent existence.
  • Terre des Hommes Children's aid organisation Terre des Hommes is passionately dedicated to stopping child exploitation in developing countries, taking a goal and result-oriented approach. For this reason, we support them by collecting used phones (till 15 October, 2012). With this, we support their MEC project in India, providing children with education which would not be possible due to lack of financial resources.
  • Malaika Kids Malaika Kids aims to help these children in Tanzania and give them a real future. We support them by offering transport to and from the harbour in Rotterdam. With our help, these children are offered a ‘home’ in which they can be safe and secure, receive regular meals and, simply, be a child again.
  • The Prince’s Trust To coincide with Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee in the UK, we held a fund raiser for the Prince’s Trust which helps change the lives of young people in need.

Such activities will continue at Team as we strive for generating savings that will be used to benefit the environment and less fortunate communities.

Why not show your support and vote for Team at the CSR Award contest?
The competition ends on 23rd November so don’t miss out.
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