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Looking back on our 3 year project

As you may know, in 2013 we pledged our support to a 3 year project with Plan International called
Project Saksham, to advance young people’s rights and promote equality for girls in India. Suffering from high rates of unemployment and risks of vulnerable employment, girls and young women are disproportionately excluded from economic opportunities.

We are delighted to announce that your hard work fundraising has allowed the company to provide Project Saksham with over €150,000, and helped to lift many young people out of poverty through training and career opportunities.

With Team’s funding, the project has been able to provide vocational and entrepreneurial training to 582 young men and 823 young women, to give them vital skills in order to secure a job or become self-employed. The results were outstanding; where the anticipated job placement rate of 60% was surpassed with an astounding 72%, of which 58% were women.

Of those who trained, 816 young people have been empowered to start their own businesses.  Plan India will continue to coach these alumni, facilitating connections with relevant organisations and networks.Importantly, Project Saksham has helped to create a replicable model for similar initiatives worldwide, and further promote the economic participation of young people, specifically women.

Team Relocations Employees have done their bit for the charity via fundraising initiatives, such as spinning marathons, yoga sessions, auctions, donations, raffles and several running events. The effort, determination and imagination from the staff has been inspiring, and we are excited to announce that Plan were able to provide training for 15 more students than projected.

“There is nothing better than being independent”

Living with her parents and three siblings in a dense slum resettlement in South-West Delhi, Alpana, 21, is determined to pull her family out of poverty.

"I became the first girl in my whole family to be employed. No other female had ever worked before. To me, getting a decent job and going to work every day feels like I have become a new person.

I feel confident to move about freely and deal with people without any fear or hesitation. I feel that I am free, independent.”

A positive impact on communities – ending the poverty cycle

By focusing efforts on empowering young women, the Saksham  project promotes social development and economic growth for the entire community.

Research shows that “educated girls invest almost all their total income (70%) in their families,” which in turn, supports the community as a whole. This means that by investing in girl’s education, the poverty cycle that often occurs in these communities can be broken. Team Relocations’ contributions have not only directly impacted these young women and men, but they have provided a stepping stone for future generations to develop and help end their cycle of poverty.

Changing mind-sets - gender equality

As well as promoting job-oriented, vocational and entrepreneurship training, the project helped to involve and teach parents, communities and employers about gender equality, equal opportunities and economic empowerment for girls as gender equality is embedded in all the courses.

Well done and thank you to all who got involved!

Not only has Team’s support helped vulnerable people the ability to work, it has provided them with the opportunity to follow their passions, support their families, and help future generations develop to their full potential.

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