Tips for Selling your Property in the Winter

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Many people believe that winter is a bad time to have their property on the market; the weather gets cold, wet, dark, and generally unappealing. However, there’s no need for this to rub off on your property, and people often find that, due to winter’s slim pickings after summer’s bustling property market, their homes are easily selling at or above the asking price.

However, there’s still competition in terms of other available properties, so with our tips you can help your home to stand roof and eaves above the rest!

  • Keep the outside of the property looking nice. This sounds pretty obvious, but it’s easy to neglect things like lawns, bushes, and gutters when you’d rather be tucked up warm inside! Do take the time to keep things neat outside, as the first impression people get when standing in front of a property is not easily overturned!
  • Make the inside as inviting as possible. This is likely to include ensuring the heating is on, that the rooms are well-lit, and offering your viewers hot drinks wouldn’t go amiss! Think about scent, too – while you don’t want to overwhelm your viewers’ senses, seasonal smells such as mulled wine, cinnamon, and the classic freshly-baked bread will add a layer of homeliness.
  • Winter is the time that any weather-related issues in a property will show, so do your best to keep the dreaded mould away (outside walls and bathrooms are particularly prone to it; remove it with a mould and mildew removal spray, paint the affected area with anti-mould paint, and try to keep the property well-ventilated an warmed with a constant low heat) and see to any leaks! If viewers see that there are no maintenance issues to worry about in the winter, they’ll feel that the property will be problem-free all year round.
  • Keep unwanted visitors away; rodents often try to find their way in to the warm during winter and steal your food, so make sure that any potential entry points are blocked up or covered with chicken wire – a determined mouse can enter through a hole only the size of a pencil!
  • And finally, do spend time with the people viewing your home; tell them about the neighbours, the local area, and what you like about the property. Give them as much to like about the place as possible, and they’ll want to make it all their own.


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