We recognise the world is changing and our approach to business and its impact upon that world has to change too. Excalibur is Team Relocations’ own-branded policy on the six core values upon which our business is based: Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity, Security, Synergy, and Resourcefulness. Excalibur unites these values into one clear, integrated corporate strategy.
For so many, social responsibility is just a new way to describe something they do already: investing in broader social values whose benefits go beyond profit. In this context, CSR does not aim to ‘reinvent the wheel’. It is about building on existing good practice, maximising its impact and raising awareness among important internal and external audiences in a way that helps Team to become more competitive. 

Excalibur assists us in building sales, developing the workforce, boosting enthusiasm and innovation, enhancing trust and increasing our reputation and standing.

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