Excellence - Quality

Dedicated to quality management to achieve outstanding performance and superior service

The entire Excalibur programme is managed by Team’s in-house compliance team supported in each operating location by dedicated Quality Management teams who continually explore new ways to improve service. These quality control teams utilise proactive quality survey results and first-hand observation of practices to identify, develop and then implement quality procedures, standards and processes specific to their country. The smallest of details can make the difference between an acceptable and an outstanding relocation. Internal audit procedures and self-assessments are mandatory in all locations and are given high priority because commitment to quality control does not stop with the physical relocation process. Team’s financial operations undergo formal, independent audits on an annual basis and internal audits of accounting and operational procedures are performed regularly.

We have achieved a number of awards in recognition of our commitment to quality, training and service delivery. Underpinning the Group’s Quality Management System are two independently audited quality programs; ISO 9001:2018 and FIDI-FAIMplus.

Investor in People (IiP) is a UK national standard which assesses how well we train, develop and manage our people to achieve our business goals. It has been developed by and for businesses, using “good practice” methods that have been shown to work well in successful companies of all sizes. In order to achieve IiP, we needed to demonstrate certain standards which we have not only achieved, but are able to constantly maintain. It is much more than a mere plaque on our wall or a symbol on our stationery. It is confirmation to us and to the outside world that we all work for a company in which our development, training and professional growth are considered essential to the success of the organisation.


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