Integrity - Ethics & Compliance

Incorporating corporate social responsibility into everything we do.

Team’s commitment is for an inclusive environment where we attract, retain, train and advance the most competent employees without regard to their race, religion or religious belief, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability, and will not discriminate against any persons by imposing conditions or requirements which cannot be seen to be justifiable.

Team’s human and intellectual capital is one of our most valuable assets. It can be measured by our overall staff turnover rate, the investment in training and development and ultimately in our ability to innovate.

In addition to complying with the legal requirements, Team employs a Diversity and Equality management strategy that is a more effective way of dealing with these issues, by emphasising the business and personal benefits that accrue from valuing the differences between people. Companies that grasp the additional business opportunities generated by managing diversity effectively are far more likely to enjoy sustained competitive advantage than those who do not.

Team's community affairs policy is to make a positive contribution to all the communities we work with worldwide. Not simply voluntary philanthropy or support of under privileged or deprived communities and countries, but a real interaction with all those we come into contact with or who or touched in some way by our business activities within society.

Team is committed to conducting itself in an atmosphere that is open, fair and transparent with the aim of enhancing trust in all its business activities. Unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary, Team will provide clients, directors and staff, external bodies and the general public, relevant information affecting them and the actions of Team, speedily and in a manner consistent with our overall Corporate Social Responsibility statements as defined within Excalibur.

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