Resourcefulness - Environment

Respect for nature and the environment.

As one of our six core elements within our Excalibur programme, the environment is taken extremely seriously. Within the past three years, Team has embarked on a meaningful drive to proactively do all we can to reduce the impact that our business activities have on the environment, under the leadership of our dedicated Compliance Team.

Team’s Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to conduct our business in a way that supports environmental sustainability. In this policy, we set ourselves challenging standards in areas such as energy consumption, waste treatment, packaging recyclability and transportation. The policy also states our intention to reduce our harmful impact on the environment, in terms of carbon emissions.

The basis upon which we approach an environmental management system (EMS) is that of the international standard ISO 14001:2018, to which Team has gained certification. The intention of this standard is to provide a framework for a holistic, strategic approach to our organisation’s environmental policy, plans and actions.

ISO 14001 gives the generic requirements for an environmental management system. The underlying philosophy is that whatever the organisation’s activity, the requirements of an effective EMS are the same. This has the effect of establishing a common reference for communicating about environmental management issues between Team and our customers, regulators, the public and other stakeholders. 

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