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Employee relocation services

International relocation is about so much more than just moving the contents of one office to an office in another country. Your employees, and their families, need to be supported at this exciting but daunting time. Our family relocation programme will ensure that your employees integrate into their new community without any issues. Here’s what it covers:

Settling in

Your employees will be assigned a personal client manager, who will show them and their families how to use the resources available to them so they can settle in comfortably. This service is delivered after your employees have arrived in their new destination, as this allows us to tailor the advice to the specific location.

Partner support

In order for your employee’s move to be a success, their partner must feel happy and secure. That’s why we provide partner support, which will help them find a new career, introduce them to local networking groups and offer advice on academic and lifestyle alternatives.

Language training

Our tailored language programmes will further aid with your employee’s integration in their new country. We offer a range of courses to cater to all skills, requirements and time scales. Some employees, for example, may want to learn something specific, such as vocabulary skills, whereas others will require a beginner’s course.

Cultural briefings

Understanding the culture of a new host country is also vital for successful employee integration. Our cultural briefing programme will teach them the customs, religions, social/business styles and values of the country to which they are moving.

Education search

We reduce the stress that is often associated with moving schools. Team Relocations will help your employees find a suitable school for their children in their new country. We can source prospectuses, offer admissions advice, book appointments with schools, and much more.

Pet relocation

Pets are an important part of the family for many of your employees. Your workers will no doubt be concerned about how their cats, dogs and other animals will make it to their new homes. Our pet relocation programme will put them, and you, at ease. We handle everything from pre-departure health checks and veterinary documents to flight reservations and quarantine (where necessary).

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