22 November 2017

UNITED KINGDOM: Lack of awareness regarding regulations

A new report from online letting agent LetBritain has found that a substantial percentage of both tenants and landlords have little to no awareness of the rules and regulations regarding their responsibilities when letting a property.

Some examples of regulations that were not widely known include the following:

  • Tenants must be given at least 2 months notice in case of eviction
  • Landlords must provide 24 hours notice if they wish to enter a property
  • Tenants have the possibility to challenge fees levied by their landlord that they deem too high via an ombudsman
  • Repairs to the exterior of a property are the responsibility of the landlord

Letting agencies have a duty to ensure that all responsibilities are made clear and laid out from the beginning but this does not always take place; this increases the risk that both tenants and landlords can be misled.

Team Relocations can assist with housing contracts and informing all parties of the correct obligations when it comes to roles and responsibilities as laid out in the relevant regulations.

How does this affect the client?

Employers should ensure that foreign nationals working for them in the UK are aware of the regulations regarding housing and also ensure that a professional screening of housing contracts takes place prior to signing any agreement. This will help to avoid that their employees are exploited in the process.




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