9 November 2018

UNITED STATES: Suburbs most expensive places to live

As reported in the last edition of ReloTalk, rental prices are remaining steady in the United States, however new information from real estate firm Zillow has reported that the most expensive areas to both buy and rent are in the suburbs.


There are some exceptions, such as Seattle where the urban metro area is still most expensive, but in half of the country's largest markets, it is more expensive to buy in the suburbs than in the urban or rural areas. 

In San Diego, for example, paying for a suburban home requires more of the median household income than in rural or urban areas. The size and space of the homes can have an impact on house prices.


On average, nationally, renters pay more of their median income to rent in urban areas than in the suburbs or rurally.

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How does this affect the client?

Employers should look at locations when transferring employees and consider housing budgets per region. Employers should also manage employee expectations.



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