2 August 2018

AUSTRALIA: Global Talent Scheme rolled out 

As per 1 July 2018, the Australian Government launched the pilot Global Talent Scheme which aims to attract skilled foreign nationals to Australia by simplifying the immigration process and make it more efficient and accessible for certain companies that cannot get certain skill sets via other via sub-classes. The pilot scheme will run for 1 year and will undergo continuous review and refinement.

The Global Talent Scheme is an offshoot of the Temporary Skill Shortage subclass of visa (482) and will be open to both established businesses (via the Established Business stream) and technology industry start ups (via the Start Up stream).

For both streams, companies will have to pass the following initial criteria:

  • Overall financial eligibility;
  • Labour market testing standards (they are unable to fill the position with a local employee and they cannot fill the position via another visa subclass);
  • Application of the correct salary criteria.

Although satisfying the qualifying criteria, such companies will only be eligible to hire foreign workers if they continue to demonstrate that they have procedures in place to transfer the knowledge brought by foreign nationals to the local Australian work force.

If an application is successful the foreign national will be granted a 4 year visa and will be able to lodge a permanent residency application after 3 years.

For more detailed information on the scheme and the qualifying criteria please click here. 

How does this affect the client?

This should be a positive change for companies that lack niche knowledge which cannot be satisfied by the local work force. Employers should first check their eligibility as either accredited sponsor or start up and, if eligible, should apply for accreditation as sponsor or start up status with the Australian Government as soon as possible. Once the application has been approved they should update their processes to reflect the new procedures; it should be noted that during transition and review phases, lead times can be longer.




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