3 May 2018

BRAZIL: Changes to the conversion of permits

The Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Justice have recently announced that applications for conversions of permits from temporary to permanent should, moving forward, be submitted to the Ministry of Labour. Previously, conversion applications were submitted to the Ministry of Justice.

This change will also apply to pending conversion applications; they will have to be resubmitted – along with all necessary documents - to the Ministry of Labour along with the tracking/reference number used for the application submitted to the Ministry of Justice. The payment fee for the application to the Ministry of Justice will be carried over as long as proof of payment is submitted as well.

Some good news is that the immigration status of the applicant during the change in process will be maintained, as long as the application was submitted prior to the expiry date of the status of the applicant.

Further good news, aside from the change in process, is with regards to the documentation. Applicants will no longer be required to present a legalised and translated police clearance from their country of residence from the last 5 years; they can now instead provide a certificate of criminal record issued by the Brazilian Police. This had been a point of contention for many applicants who found it difficult to arrange the requested police clearance from Brazil.

How does this affect the client?

Employers should take the new changes into account and ensure that their processes are up to date to make certain that conversion applications moving forward are submitted to the Ministry of Labour. Employers will also have to review all pending applications and ensure that they are resubmitted correctly to the Ministry of Labour.



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