9 November 2018

BRAZIL: New limitations on short-term technical visas

Brazil’s Ministry of Labour has issued a normative resolution, NR 34, which places new restrictions on short-term technical activities under NR 3 residence permits.

New timelines and restrictions:

  • The ministry will only approve residence authorisation for 180-day technical activities in urgent cases (processing completed within 5 days)
  • Non-urgent cases must follow the regular procedures, by requesting a one-year residence authorisation for technical activities (processing completed in 4-6 weeks)
  • Emergency visa processing has not changed (processing completed in 2 working days)

These changes have been implemented with immediate effect. 

When applicants are applying for residence authorisation to provide technical service for 180 days, they must now prove the connection between the employee and the service in a letter with their application, demonstrating the urgency of this service. 

The ministry of Labour will determine if cases are urgent and therefore process, or reject, cases that are not deemed urgent. 

How does this affect the client?

Employers will only be able to use the 180-day technical visas in urgent cases. Therefore, any companies that rely on the 180-day technical visas should plan ahead to provide the additional documentation, demonstrating the urgency of the technical activity required.

It is unclear whether pending applications will now fall under the new requirements, so employers should be prepared to prove the urgency if requested by the ministry, and plan to start new applications should the application be rejected.



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