22 June 2017

CANADA: New program introduced to help employers recruit workers in certain fields

A new program has been introduced in Canada since 12 June 2017 to help streamline recruitment practices and lead times for select employers which are regarded as making significant contributions to the Canadian economy. The program is called the Global Skills Strategy.

Eligible employers will be exempt from adherence to standard recruiting practices and will be able to obtain short term work authorisation exemptions for certain categories of worker, allowing them to work for either 15 days in a 6 month period or 30 days within a 12 month period, without a work permit.

How does this affect the client?

Employers that are identified as being partners of the Canadian government and who are eligible for the program will enjoy processing times of 2 weeks for certain worker category applications which will significantly reduce lead times. Further, by not adhering to standard recruiting practices, recruitment needs will be met faster and ultimately aid the flow of foreign workers in high demand categories.



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