21 December 2017

CHINA:  Shanghai Work Authorization processing changes

The changes recently made by the Shanghai Expert Bureau on the processing of work authorization applications are expected to reduce processing times for Notification Letters for Work Permits (NLWP) and Work Permits (WP) in Shanghai. 

Recent changes include:

•   A reduction in requests for revisions and additional information
•   Previously the Expert Bureau would send notification to the applicant each time a correction and / or additional information was required
•   Going forward the Expert Bureau will only notify the applicants once for all modifications and requests during the online pre-assessment of NLWP and WP applications
•   Applicants can now expect a reduction in time spent on frequent requests for additional information, revisions and submissions during the online pre-assessment
•   For applicants who have submitted one online pre-assessment and receive notification of any revisions or additional information requests can now visit the authority for physical filing of both NLWP’s and WP’s directly after they submit the second online application instead of waiting for such online submissions to be approved as it was previously

The Expert Bureau will also limit requests for online resubmission of NLWP and WP applications to a maximum of 2 in each case.  

Additionally, when non-essential documents are not available when filing physical documents, applicants can either withdraw their application and try again later, or choose to submit their application without the sufficient non-essential documents.  If the applicant chooses the latter, employers will need to provide the outstanding non-essential documents within 10 business days of filing.  Failure to do so within the specified time frame will result in being removed from the list of companies granted this benefit by the authority.  The goal is to reduce the pressure on urgent cases in the event that non-essential application documents are not immediately available.  However it is advised that employers understand the risk of loosing their good standing if the documents are not made available during that time.

Further, talents listed in the national talent introduction programs should see a reduction in the standard government processing time for WP applications.

How does this affect the client?

Employers and applicants should see a reduction in repetitive requests for additional information which prolonged the processing times for both NLWP and WP applications.


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