2 August 2018

CHINA: Updated Requirements for Work Permit Applications

Effective immediately, the Shanghai State Administration of Foreign Affairs has ordered a change to the documents required for Category A Work Permit Applications.

Applications must now be supported by a different tax certificate and subsequent new work permits, renewals and cancellations.

Previously, an Individual Income Tax (IIT) Paid Certificate (Duty-Paid Proof) was required, but now applicants must provide an IIT Payment List, which shows the name of the employer and the applicant’s IIT payments over the last twelve months. The IIT Payment List can be obtained online by applicants who have registered for an online personal tax account, or in person at the tax authority. When submitted, they must be affixed with a company seal from the sponsoring employer. 

How does this affect the client?

HR must update policies and processes and ensure the applicant is clear on the new document requirements to avoid any delays. The employer must factor in the new company seal requirement into its processes.




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