8 February 2018

FRANCE: Minimum salary level increased

As of 1 January 2018, the monthly salary of foreign employees has increased by 1.2% in comparison to last year. 

This means that the employers that are seeking to obtain foreign employees must meet the required minimum monthly wage of €1,498.47, in order to comply with the new rates as set by law. Furthermore, employers must take into account that the salary is in comparison with the market salary rate, and the peer salary rate per the applicable French collective bargaining agreement for the proposed position.

The new minimum salary, which applies to some workers, has been set as the baseline for salaries that are specific to particular permit types. Below is an overview of the minimum monthly and annual gross salary per permit type:


Monthly salary 2018

Annual salary 2018

Minimum Gross Salary

€ 1,498.47

€ 17,981.64

Qualified employees

€ 2,996.94

€ 35,963.28

On assignment

€ 2,697.24

€ 32,366.95

EU Blue Card

€ 4,486.38

€ 53,836.50

How does this affect the client?

Companies should be aware of the new minimum salaries and possibly consider increasing their budgets since applications that don’t meet the new criteria will be rejected. 


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