17 January 2019

GERMANY:  Extension applications to require more detail

As per 1 January 2019, employers in Germany looking to extend the residence and work permits of NON-EU/EEA nationals will have to provide additional information that was not applicable previously. The information requested was included in first time applications earlier, but is now required for extensions as well.

The new information relates to payment of tax and social security contributions and also proof that the foreign national is not at risk of bankruptcy. Further to this employers will also need to prove fair and equal pay of foreign nationals in relation to their German counterparts.

How Does This Affect the Client? 

This will certainly impact the lead time of submitting an extension application as more information will need to be collated. This would need to be considered when managing the expectations of foreign nationals and also any other stakeholders in the process. Employers should ensure that their internal procedures are updated to take account of the change.



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