2 August 2018

HONG KONG: Same sex marriages continue to be recognised

A Court of Appeal ruling, from 4 July in Hong Kong that recognised same sex marriages or civil partnerships for immigration purposes, will continue to be applied while the final review of the case is ongoing. The same sex spouse or partner will also be permitted to work.

In order for this to apply, the same sex couples must show the following:

  • The sponsor (foreign national) has sufficient financial means to support the same sex spouse or partner;
  • There is no reason (such a criminal record) to deny the same sex spouse or partner entry;
  • Proof of a genuine relationship.

The visa’s, once granted, will be issued for 12 months or for the remaining period of the foreign national's own visa, whichever is shorter.

How does this affect the client?

This is a very positive change for foreign nationals that wish to transfer with their same sex partner to Hong Kong and can also make Hong Kong a more attractive destination for relocation. Employers should look ahead to update their processes accordingly and also inform affected employees of the positive change.



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