2 August 2018

IRELAND: Major Delays for Appointments and Applications

Major delays exist for the following:

Irish Residence Permit Appointments 

There are currently significant delays for non-EEA nationals in Dublin obtaining appointments for Irish Residence Permit (IRP) registration. The IRP Office in Dublin has stated it can no longer offer emergency appointments for any reason and that the delays are expected to continue until the end of the year at least.

Employment Permit Applications

The processing of Employment Permit applications is also taking a lot longer than usual:

Applications submitted under the Trusted Partner Scheme have the following updates:

Previous processing time

New processing time

2-4 weeks

6-7 weeks

 Standard non-Trusted Partner applications:

Previous processing time

New processing time

6-8 weeks

up to 13 weeks

How does this affect the client?

HR should take steps to incorporate the considerably longer processing times for applications and appointments. HR should keep the employee updated at all times and prepare for potential delays.

Until the IRP appointment has been booked and confirmed, travel plans should not be made to avoid the need to reschedule. Assignees cannot travel without an up-to-date IRP Card.

Once an appointment is confirmed, we recommend not to request to reschedule as this could add considerable time to the process and may move them to the back of the queue.


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