19 July 2017

KUWAIT: Limitations on permits for dependent family members

The Kuwaiti authorities have, effective immediately, ceased to issue new residence permits (Iqamas) for sponsored dependent family members other than spouses and children. This change is part of an ongoing attempt by the government to deal with the increasing expat population.

New requirements for dependent permit:

  • Any dependent family member who wishes to renew their dependent residence permit in Kuwait is obligated to buy government insurance at 250 KWD per person per year in addition to private insurance at 300 KWD per person per year.
  • Renewal of existing residence status of male children under their parent’s sponsorship until the age of 17 are allowed and are eligible for further extension if they are enrolled in a local university. However, female children who are unmarried are eligible to renew their status under the age of 24.

How does this affect the client?

Kuwaiti residents, who were planning to sponsor family members other than their spouse or children, will be unable to proceed due to the newly enforced limitations. Current dependent residence permit holders who wish to renew their residence permit should check that they meet the new requirements. 


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