18 April 2019

MEXICO: Delays for immigration applications continuing 

Due to the current heavy flow of migrants into Mexico from Central America, the Mexican authorities have had to funnel more resources to help with the impact on the immigration authorities and thus this has had a knock on effect on the processing of business immigration applications. 

There have also been significant administration and personnel changes related to the general election held last year, which have contributed to the delays.

How does this affect the client?

  • Failing to renew the corporate registration certificate within 30 days after tax filing will result in the inability to sponsor foreign national hires until a new certificate is issued. As such, employers should plan ahead and file their tax in time in order not to exceed the expiry date of their old corporate registration certificate: April 1st.
  • Employers should familiarise their legal representative with the new procedure and its requirements, in order to avoid problems and delays during the appointment.
  • As the new process is lengthier, employers and (new) foreign national hires should be prepared for delayed visa applications as employers wait for the renewed employer registration certificate to be issued.




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