25 May 2019

THE NETHERLANDS: Exemption of orientation exam (ONA)

For highly skilled migrants living and working in the Netherlands, an exemption from the exam ‘orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ (ONA) has been passed. This was decided by the Secretary of State.

The ONA exam is a mandatory part of the integration process for those wanting to apply for a permanent residence permit.

A digital application at DUO (The Dutch Education Executive Agency) is necessary in order to apply for the exemption. 

The exemption will be granted if the applicant is employed and has been working for a minimum of 6 months and a minimum of 48 hours per month in the 12 months that precede the application. 

How does this affect the client?

  • The new regulation will result in an easier process for acquiring a permanent residence permit as highly skilled migrants will be exempt from the orientation exam. 


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