6 July 2018

THE NETHERLANDS: Free access for Croatian nationals to the Dutch job market

Following the advice of the European Commission that it would not be harmful to the Dutch economy, the Dutch authorities are allowing free access to Croatian nationals to the job market as per 1 July 2018.

Croatia became an EU member state as per 1 July 2013 and during the 5 year transition period Croatian nationals had restricted access to the Dutch job market. Although free to reside in the Netherlands during the transition period, Croatian nationals required a work permit in order to work for the first 12 months, after which they were allowed free access to the job market.

Since 1 July 2018, however, Croation nationals no longer require this work permit in order to access the job market.  This means that all Croatian nationals who have a residence permit with the annotation that they can work don’t need this permit anymore. They can hand in their permit at the IND after 1 July 2018.


How does this affect the client?

This is a very positive change for Croatian nationals and employers utilising Croatian nationals. Employers should update their processes accordingly to take account of the changes.



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