14 March 2018

THE NETHERLANDS: Immigration inspections at recognized sponsors

In the Netherlands, Dutch companies can register with the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) to obtain ‘ Recognized Sponsor’  status. These recognized sponsors have access to simplified and expedited immigration procedures. 

The Inspectorate of Justice and Security found that the IND has focused too much on training and information and has failed to enforce compliance with immigration legislation and impose sanctions. In order to make the IND more effective in these areas, random inspections have been put in place and recognized sponsors can expect a site inspection from the IND in 2018. 

The IND inspections will mainly focus if the core duties of recognized sponsors are compliant. These duties are:

  • Duty of disclosure: Recognized sponsors must notify the IND in a timely manner of relevant changes to their company and foreign worker population. 
  • Duty of administration: Recognized sponsors must keep detailed and updated records of all current and former foreign workers.
  • Duty of care: Recognized sponsors must recruit foreign workers responsibly and inform them of relevant Dutch immigration legislation. 

How Does This Affect the Client?

The IND will randomly select the locations and recognized sponsors and will book appointments ahead of time. It is to be recommended that recognized sponsors are prepared for this visit and ensure that the labour responsibilities are in accordance with legislation. The IND may apply sanctions if significant issues are determined and/or may even withdraw recognized sponsor status. 


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