5 July 2017

PHILIPPINES: Change in departure procedure for long term visa holders

The immigration authorities in the Philippines have recently announced that foreign nationals holding long term visas will first have to downgrade to a temporary visitor’s visa before being allowed to depart the country.

Once the visa is downgraded an Emigration Clearance Certificate will be obtained. Without this certificate the foreign national will not be allowed to leave the country.

Those with a long term visa also hold an Alien Certificate of Registration I-Card (ACR I-Cards) and as such these cards will have to be cancelled. Lead time for this new process is expected to be anywhere between 3-5 weeks.

All applications for cancellation will be visible to immigration officials at airports and ports and if an application is still pending officials will have the right to refuse departure.

How does this affect the client?

Employers should expect that this new requirement will increase the lead time for departing foreign nationals. Foreign nationals planning to leave shortly should expect delays in processing the cancellation applications while the procedure is being rolled out.



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