25 October 2017

TURKEY/UNITED STATES: Travel restrictions for US Citizens

Recently the United States announced that it was suspending non-immigrant visa services at its diplomatic facilities in Turkey after the arrest of a consulate employee, which prompted Turkey to respond by halting all services in the US.

Subsequently however The Ministry of Labour in Turkey has resumed making decisions and approving work permits and renewals for US citizens.  Unfortunately work visas for foreign nationals that were approved based on a work permit are still unable to pick up their work permit at a Turkish consular post in the US.

For those US citizens awaiting work visas with an urgent need to enter Turkey under a work visa may consider re-filing their Work Visa application at a non-US consulate, if they carry a dual nationality of that country or happen to be a permanent resident or if the post has waived the residency requirement.

Team Relocations will continue to monitor and provide updates as the situation develops.


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