15 December 2016

UNITED KINGDOM: Department for Exiting EU (DExEU) Issues Responses to Brexit FAQ

The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) has published responses to a number of questions most frequently asked about Brexit.

The FAQ relate to the referendum, exiting the EU, and migration, as well as trade in the single market and EU funding projects.

DExEU is responsible for overseeing Brexit negotiations and establishing the future relationship between the UK and EU. The Department has approximately 300 staff in London and 120 working in Brussels.

DExEU undertakes two broad areas of work:

  • Consultations with organisations, institutions and companies to establish Brexit priorities and concerns.
  • Conducting sectoral and regulatory analysis to identify the key factors for UK businesses and the labour force that will affect negotiations with the EU.

Standing by its pledge to see net migration to the UK fall to sustainable levels, in response to the question, “What will our future immigration system look like?”, the government states that the UK needs a fair and controlled immigration policy, but gives no indicator as to what this will look like or how it will be achieved.

The government has previously said it intends to protect the status of EU nationals already living in the UK. However, it was made clear that: ‘The only circumstances in which that wouldn’t be possible is if UK citizens’ rights in European member states were not protected in return’.

All FAQ with the answers can be found here.                                                      


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