Moving Checklist

We know there is a lot to be done and remembered when moving, so we have compiled a Moving Checklist to assist. This checklist will take you through the entire moving process from start to finish (and all the stages in between). Below are some other guidelines to note before you move.

Electrical Appliances
Packing staff are not permitted to interfere with service connections, we can assist with arrangements for the professional disconnection of cookers, fires, washing machines, light fittings and any other items wired directly to gas or electrical mains. Our handyman will, by arrangement, change your plugs to standard fittings for your new country where possible.

Fixed Items
Arrangements will need to be made to detach any fixed items such as pelmets, towel rails or built in furniture. Fitted carpets should be professionally loosened before our crew arrive and flat-pack furniture should be dismantled. Our handyman will, by arrangement, be able to handle the above.

Wines & Spirits
Our pre-move surveyor will be able to advise you on import restrictions and allowances. Duty will normally be payable. Including alcohol in a shipment will often cause belongings to be inspected by Customs - resulting in delays. We strongly suggest that you do not ship alcohol, however, if you choose to do so, please refer to the applicable Customs allowances.

Restoration and Repairs
Team Relocations have an 'in-house' furniture restoration service. It may be worth considering the benefits of having restoration work completed before moving overseas, where restoration services may be costly. Small jobs can often be completed in your own home.

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